Projects keep me happy!

Summer of 2023

Whew! I've written a novel! It published on the second week of September, first as an e-book and then as a paperback. Yes! I'm excited!

About the book:

Oralee is the 13-year-old blind orphan girl in the novel. She and her brothers and little sister are caught between their determination to stay together as a family and their aunt, who is dead set on sending them to orphanages and children's homes. Read more at

Preview Sketch of Current Oil Painting Project

I started this bad boy some time ago. I'm so glad I did this pre-sketch. It helps me get back into the project after taking time to write that novel.
The actual canvas is quite large, probably 30 x 36 inches. The background is an aerial view of the ocean, and the foreground is forest. The eagle is pretty good size, taking up a large part of the canvas.

Eagle is getting his portrait done in oil in tribute to the magnificent bird who flew along at my eye level as I took my daily walks around the lake.